When working with customers, does your manager create the “Wow!” factor?

If you want your facility to stand out the answer had better be YES.

Every time your property manager interacts with customers, he/she must make them feel special.  This will magnify your returns through glowing reviews and noteworthy rapport.

So, how do you get to that level of excellent customer care?

It takes a little work, but once you get your system in place, it’s pretty easy to keep going and growing your base of satisfied customers!

This is such an important topic, we created a short video on it. You can find it on our YouTube channel, but we’ll save you the time. Watch it now:


First and foremost, determine just how much information you need to gather from your customers. In our experience the more information the better. Just be sure that the information you’re asking for is appropriate and legal, which includes:

  • Contact Info (name, address, phone, email)
  • Social Security Number
  • Emergency contacts
  • Employer information
  • Copy of Driver’s License or other form of government-issued photo ID
  • A copy of vehicle registration (if parking a vehicle)
  • Ask if they will be setting up credit or debit autopay — you want to get them on an automated occurrence to minimize the necessity of handling cash
  • Cell phone number and email with permission to text/send (for announcements, promotions or late pay notices)


It is critical to the success of your self-storage facility to brainstorm with your manager(s) on ways that they can go above and beyond basic expectations.

You don’t want your manager(s) simply to give what the customer asks for, but rather a level of customer care that makes the customers walk away thinking, “WOW. That manager is really awesome – I’m going to tell my friends!”

We’ve been doing this for some time now, and we’ve developed a system that works well. We don’t mind sharing information, because we want you to be very successful in your self-storage business.

Hallmark 4

Here are a few more ideas that you will want to have your manager(s) do to make sure your customers feel great about choosing your facility… and these strategies don’t cost much to implement either!

3) Send a greeting card or thank you email right after they visit your office that identifies something positive, personal or unique about them that you learned while chatting with them. For example, maybe you learned the customer’s son will be playing in a baseball game the following day. In that case, send a note that reads, “Have a great time at Andrew’s baseball tournament, and good luck with your move!”


Don’t be afraid to go a step further to boost sales and build rapport by adding something like, “By the way, we love supporting the youth leagues!  If your son’s team needs to raise money, we are happy to pay a $50 referral fee for anyone you send our way.”


NOTE: If you employ this latter tactic, be sure to have a way to track outreach and results in your database.

4) If you have the customer’s birthday, send a card. There are ways to automate this task, for example, by using a service like Send Out Cards. (Find this company and others online.) You’d be amazed by how this small act of remembrance, even though automated, will positively impact your business. People don’t send cards often these days; just think how you feel when someone remembers you via regular mail! Yes, it’s a great feeling.

5) Send an email “newsletter” via email to every new customer. It should contain tips on moving and downsizing, that includes community resources or discounts on local services that pertain to storing/moving. You can also include information about referral specials to generate more business and stay top of mind for truck rentals and packing supplies.

6) It’s a great idea to send a monthly email outreach, too, which keeps the customer updated on what’s going on at your facility, any changes they need to know about and any money-saving offers… like discount on larger spaces. Some people will upsize their unit if they get a discount. That’s basic Business 101. They won’t make changes unless they 1) know they can, and 2) it makes sense for them. Offering discounts can nudge them to make positive changes.

7) Offer referral contests. You want new customers? Why not run a simple contest and offer a free pizza dinner or a $25 Starbucks card to those who refer you the most new customers? When their referrals become customers, it’s time for a celebration. Send the promised thank-you gift. Congratulate the contest winners in your email “newsletter.”

8) ALWAYS send a small thank-you gift in the form of a $5 Starbucks gift card to any customer who refers you even one new customer. That small gesture is worth a thousand words. (You can’t pay for that type of PR!!)

9) Create a bulletin board of helpful local resources or customer announcements. Be sure to place the bulletin board in a visible area in your reception space.

10) Create a “good neighbor” relationship with other facilities near yours that can take overflow if your specified units are fully occupied. While this may sound counter-intuitive, the key is to be helpful and friendly.  Goodwill and being a solution-provider will always come back to you. (Who do you think the other facility managers will remember if you send business their way?)


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