Do you attend live workshops?

If not, why not?

In today’s rush-rush world, you can sign up for all sorts of virtual training… enough to keep you busy literally every hour of the day. And likely that’s just in your industry!

However, in online training experiences you don’t get the real-time interactions you would if you were sitting in a real-world and very much live event.

Ah, but you can have that attending live-streamed events, you say. Well, yes, sort of… but it’s not the same as standing in the room with the educator and presenter, where you actually get to know one another.

We offer a couple of small live, real-world educational opportunities every year. They’re in the form of workshops so we can provide some real hands-on training. The way we see it, if we keep the attendance to 40 people or fewer, we can get to know everyone at the event and we can answer all their questions.

Compare that to a live-stream workshop or online conference call-style training where there may be more than 100 attendees. Do you think all their questions will be answered in the span of that typically 90-minute “workshop”? Not likely.

This year we’re hosting our small group workshop this May 12 and 13 in San Diego. We’re pretty excited. If you want to learn more about what we have planned, please reach out to us or head to our registration page:

We promise you an excellent education. By the time you exit the event you will know all you need to know to take down your first self-storage property, because that’s what we focus on at Investors In Action! (You even receive a Success Kit, because we want to make sure you remember everything we teach.)

Even if you don’t attend our live workshop, you should attend at least one in your industry this year. Here are 10 reasons why you want to do that:

1.) Attending workshops periodically throughout the year helps you keep up to date on all the latest changes in your industry. As you know, things change quickly. As new rules and regulations come out, you want to know about them. That way you can avoid costly mistakes.

2.) You get your questions answered in real time. We mentioned this already, but it is worthy of making the list. In a real-world workshop, the presenter will see you raise your hand or stand up in the audience to ask your questions. There can be a lively dialogue and you will get your answers immediately. (That’s how our workshops work anyway!)

3.) You benefit from interacting with other workshop attendees. When you’re in a room with like-minded people who share your interests that’s when magic happens. It feels like magic anyway. Workshops can turn into brainstorming sessions where you come up with new ways of doing things in your business and industry, because you hear other participants in the audience talk about how it has worked for them.

4.) You stay more engaged during a live workshop than when you learn from recorded videos, written materials and/or live-streamed events. When it comes to retaining new information that you are learning, nothing beats attending live workshops. It’s always a great idea to have a notepad handy, because you will learn at every turn in a good, well-run workshop. At our in-person workshops, for example, you are provided with written companion materials. We even provide notepads and pens. We don’t want you to miss a thing.

5.) You have a chance to meet new people and network, network, network. If you are attending an online workshop there won’t be much opportunity to literally shake hands with the other participants, BUT you still have a chance to exchange contact information with them. You can learn a lot from them and may want to keep in touch. It’s quite likely that you will form a bond with these individuals and that they will become a part of your resource network. When you attend a live, real-world workshop you WILL form new relationships for all the networking that goes on during the breaks and lunch gatherings.

6.) You are more motivated to keep learning. This is a big benefit. It is human nature that when we enjoy learning experiences we want to have more of them. A good, general, industry-specific workshop should be structured in a certain way, starting with the basics before moving into more advanced topics. That way no one is left behind. (Unless you sign up for advanced workshops, that is.)

7.) You get to share your ideas and experiences, which benefits the entire group. When you share openly about the issues you have faced in your business and industry, how you handled challenges and overcame issues, what happened as a result and what you learned from your experiences in the real world, it helps everyone in the room. That’s why we always invite open communication and questions during our workshops. That’s how every good workshop should be run.

8.) You aren’t chained to your desk. Sure, you can stay in your pajamas if you attend live workshops from home, but what if you have to attend that workshop while you’re at work? It can feel like you’re chained to your desk! It gets uncomfortable after about 30 minutes. If you attend a live workshop in the real world, however, you can dress comfortably and get up to walk around if you feel the need. You aren’t chained to your chair, your table or even the room. You’re an adult and can get up any time you want, grab coffee or a snack, stretch your legs and then get back to learning.

9.)It’s a fun way to invest in yourself and your career. As professional, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve on information and stay ahead of your competition. Attending live workshops goes far in achieving that goal. But did you know that attending workshops also looks good on your CV or resume? Attending these real-time learning events tells employers, business associates and those who do business with you just how serious you are about what you do in business and in life. (For the record, some of our investors who participate in our real estate deals met us the first time at one of our workshops!)

10.)You get to take a break from your everyday work life and get re-invigorated. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, working is a fact of life. But sometimes it can become rather routine. Something interesting happens when you attend a live workshop. You have new things to talk about and share with your business associates. That conversation ultimately leads to new ideas being tossed around and a marked improvement in your best practices. That’s true no matter which industry and business you’re in!

Truth is that there are more reasons to attend live workshops than just those we have shared here, but this list is a good start. We’d love to see you at one of our upcoming LIVE workshops.

Be sure to bring lots of questions with you! Try to stump us. (It won’t happen.)

Click here to learn more about attending one of our upcoming LIVE WORKSHOPS.