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What's YOUR Plan B?
We know Social Security won't cover you and stocks are unpredictable...

Get the 5 "Must Know" secrets to earning 10-100x the amount the banks pay.


Is This You?

  • Do you work long hours, make decent money, but are unsure how to grow it?
  • Have you lost savings or retirement funds in the stock market rollercoaster?
  • Do you desire steady, consistent investment income, but lack the time (or knowledge) to work the deals?

That was us too… Until we figured out how to earn double digit returns.

Our 5 “Must Know” Secrets reveal why private lending is our favorite growth strategy.

Private loans typically earn higher interest and are secured with the same documents used by banks

We've been doing it since 2010...and we want to share how with you.

Learn the 5 "Must Know" secrets to earning 10-100x the amount the banks pay.


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Financial Freedom Made Easy

With over 25 years of combined experience in real estate investing, we teach others how they too can earn 10-100x more interest income than banks pay AND have the peace of mind that the investment is backed by real estate.

You work hard for your money…

Isn’t it time for your money to work hard for you?

Our Mission

“We are passionate about serving both large and small investors to demonstrate how they can build wealth through lending on Real Estate.  It brings us great joy assisting others in creating the freedom they desire.”

“Working with Investors In Action was a rewarding experience.  They possess the highest integrity and are committed to helping their investors reach their financial goals by finding the right real estate transactions.  They keep their investors appraised each step of the way so there are never any surprises.  I highly recommend this team.”     
Penny Johnson, Registered Nurse, Fallbrook, CA
“Investors In Action provides a great, simple, and secure high-yield investment strategy for anyone.  Their knowledgeable and resourceful expertise creates a comfortable and professional path for anyone to grow their investment… great gals!”
Socrates Gomez, Global Sales Manager, San Diego, CA
“Terri and Alia are two people I want to work with and learn from for the rest of my life-long career in real estate investing.  I have so much appreciation and respect for them, for their vision and what they did for me.”
Mee Vaj, Certified Healer, Irvine, CA
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